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Casual Gym Visit to Ettalong Diggers Gym & Swim

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At Ettalong Gym & Swim, we understand that missing your gym sessions isn't actually your idea of a holiday. FITNESS IS A LIFESTYLE, and your progress doesn't need to stop when you're away from your normal gym.

Experience your normal workout, but with a change of scenery. Look out onto the ocean and enjoy the feeling of not needing to be anywhere.

To ensure the safety of our full members and to make sure someone can provide you access to our gym as our staffed hours may not align with your schedule;


Valid for one visit, on the date of purchase.

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By purchasing this Casual visit you accept the below Terms & Conditions

All guests must be over 16 years of age 

What to Wear: Exercise gear fit for purpose must be worn at all times in our Clubs. For example, t-shirts/tops (no bare chests thanks fellas) and closed footwear must be worn at all times. 

Health & Safety: Exercising and using Club facilities may involve the risk of injury and you exercise and use the Club facilities at your own risk. Please monitor your physical condition at all times and exercise to a level that is appropriate given your knowledge of your health and any medical advice you have obtained. If any unusual symptoms occur immediately stop what you are doing and notify a staff member

In the course of exercising or engaging in any recreational activities while using any Club facilities, if you are killed or injured, we will not be liable except to the extent caused by our gross negligence. In this paragraph: • gross negligence, and • recreational activities, means your participation in a sporting activity or a similar leisure time pursuit or your participation in any other activity that involves a significant degree of physical exertion or physical risk and is undertaken for the purposes of recreation, enjoyment or leisure

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