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Wonder of the wood's lamp

May 06, 2018

Wonder of the wood's lamp

Have you ever wondered what is really going on under the surface of your skin? Do you want to know in advance where you will show signs of ageing? Perhaps you are conscious about pigment? Well now we can make it even quicker and easier to give you a full skin analysis. By using what we call a wood's lamp.

A Wood’s lamp examination is a procedure for the detection of disease or the assessment of pigment changes in the skin. A Wood lamp can be used for diagnostic differentiation of melanoma or melanocytic hyperplasia and hematoma. For us in a skin clinic it allows us to determination the skin thickness and the moisture condition of the skin as well as the detection of dry skin, vitiligo, solar keratoses, seborrhea, acne, mycoses, and a hyper-or hypopigmentation of the skin. It can also be known as the black light test or the ultraviolet light test.

The actual piece of equipment is a small handheld device that uses black light to illuminate areas of your skin. The light is held over an area of skin in a darkened room. The changes in the pigmentation or condition of your skin will cause the affected area of your skin to change colour under the light.

Different conditions are highlighted by different colours:


• Thick epidermis White fluorescence
• Necrosis cells White spot
• Healthy skin Blue and white
• Water deficiency (thin skin) Purple
• Water deficiency Light purple
• Water abundance Bright fluorescence
• Dark fleck Brown
• Oiled part and pimple Yellow or pink


Examining the skin with a wood's lamp is one of the most simple but effective tests we have for skin analysis. With no harm and no prep it is a piece of cake for you clients. In fact we suggest avoid washing the face before hand and avoid makeup or perfume we need you in a natural state for best results.

In order to really get the best results long term we need to know what conditions to work on. Do you have the underlying pigment, are you extra oily, is hydration an issue and where? The best chance we have in tailoring an in and out of clinic treatment plan is to do an analysis.

Just because we care that much we do a complimentary analysis session where one of our experienced facialists will use the wood's lamp and talk to you about any concerns, their observations and course of treatment. For a lot of us ladies it is a very good thing to know our skin and concerns so we are not splurging on products for the wrong condition! So even if you are just curious, what to know more book in and see our girls we would love to meet you.



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