Whats zit all about?

April 19, 2017

Whats zit all about?

Ever wondered why we get breakouts in certain areas of the face? Why them seem to cluster in one area and not the others? Well the skin can often reflect what is really going on inside the body. Depending where you are finding your breakouts it can be tracked to different areas of the internal system.

Blemishes on the Forehead could easily be a build up from greasy hair or makeup but they could just as easily be a reflection of dietary issues. The forehead is prone to breakout when the digestive system is struggling to break down food. This area is also a reflection of the bladder and hydration

The T-zone reflects the health of the liver and stomach. Have you noticed a build up in the t-zone after a heavy night out? Well alcohol in particular along with many other foods can effect the acid in the stomach therefore driving toxins to other parts of the body. Greasy fast food is another prime example of a food that will create stomach acid imbalance. So maybe cutting down could the fast food and alcohol could effect the t-zone breakout.

Nose is our emotional output. It is prone to react to stress and poor circulation. Blackheads on the nose stem from high blood pressure and heart issues be it emotional or physical. Focus on exercise to improve this. More exercise will improve circulation and work the heart and therefore the nose!

Lip area is our hormones and intestine. This region is prone to breakouts during different times of the menstrual cycle. For some this is during ovulation, for others during the period. Eating more fibre can often help or even yoga -on of the many benefits of yoga it can stimulate gentle circulation during your menstrual cycle. For other yoga benefits read our yoga post here. 

The Chin is a big one for many of us. It reflects the inner workings of the stomach, kidneys and reproductive organs. Are we drinking enough water? usually the answer is no and it shows in our chin.

Ears, temples and under eyes. Dehydration, stress and excess oil - that was no shock?! Stress and lack of sleep have astounding effects on the eyes. Try to relax before bed, herbal teas and no technology. Try to get at least seven hours sleep and hydrate - 8 glasses of water a day at least!

Cheeks are the lungs and respiratory system. Bad skin in this area can be produced through allergies, asthma, air pollution, cigarettes and lack of exercise. As the cheeks are linked to the mouth I am afraid sugar intake can be a big issue too. Try to lower the dairy and sugar intake. Meditate or again try yoga.

Jawline I am afraid is just hygiene. The jaw is the epicentre of breakouts from dirt and grease. A good cleanser and more hydrating food, with a lower dairy and sugar intake will do wonders.

The Neck finally is the Thyroid. People with under active thyroid have lower levels of progesterone, as this is key in fighting acne it can often result in breakouts. Try to increase Vitamin A in the diet to boost progesterone naturally. 

I hope this post has been somewhat interesting, I was certainly intrigued in my research. If you have questions or comments please let me know I would love to hear from you.

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