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What the professionals use - Mickey

May 06, 2018

What the professionals use - Mickey

When we meet Mickey I am sure we all have the same thought - what amazing skin! Always looking bright and fresh but in her own words this only comes with a good customised routine both inside and outside the spa.

'I would say I'm a normal-slightly combination skin, I have treated redness and over sensitivity over the past year, but now am using O to target the pigmentation'.

Home care is mickeys most important lesson to all her clients. She can work magic in the spa but only 20% of the time so the other 80% is up to you and your home regime - therefore she follows hers to the letter!


For home care as we all should - she starts the day with the gentle antioxidant cleanser.

Secondly is serums - for the morning time it is pure age serum with pure c +BHA

Final step again as we all should is the mineral pro! Giving the hydration needed but also that all important spf coverage!


End the day with another good cleanse - gentle antioxidant cleanser 

Then exfoliation. Either the gentle exfoliator or 3 in 1 enzyme depending on what I think my skin needs I'll do both.

 Lastly before bed I mix retinol with my immortal cream. 


In Clinic

'I try my best to do a weekly power peel of oxygenating and bio white. The oxygenating is working to clear out the deeper level of the skin whereas the bio white is targeting the pigment complaints'.

'If I am feeling like my skin needs an extra boost I will use a vitamin infusion in the peel for extra tyronaise inhibitors'.

'Finally after being on retinol for 3 weeks at least I will be moving on to a catalyst peel which I am so excited about and then spot correction with alpha beta'.


Mickeys pearl of wisdom when it comes to good skin and lifestyle is ..... exercise! Having a good exercise routine is fundamental to a balanced lifestyle. Exercise releases sweats out toxins that your body no longer needs but it also releases endorphins to create a happier person. The happier you are in yourself and your body this will be reflected in your skin. The beginning is a hurdle but the results are worth it. A good balanced lifestyle - everything in moderation.



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