What the professionals use - Ally

November 30, 2017

What the professionals use - Ally

Continuing our guide to professional skin care the next lady on our list is Ally. Ally is our classic oily skin with a few dry sections around the cheeks and chin. Although this oil helps lessen the signs of aging it can be one of the most hard to control. Without the correct skin care the excess oil can build up and lead to a great deal of congestion and then also acne. This is a skin type that can take a turn for the worse very quickly so it is essential to keep on top of the skin regime.

Homecare routine:


Starts with the O Cosmedics gentle antioxidant cleanser followed by the Mineral pro. I also take an EFA (essential fatty acid) capsule to help with the strength of my skin as a whole. 

*tips - if you get the un tinted mineral pro an oily skin can also use this as an evening hydrator* 


Gentle antioxidant cleanser always as a first wash. Twice a week I replace the second cleanse with the corrective cleanser or use the exfoliating cleanser depending how my skin feels. If it feels flakey I use the scrub if congested I use the corrective cleanser but only twice a week I dont want to strip the oil too much.

After the cleanse I will use the mineral pro, three times a week I mix in my Potent Retinol serum to help with the congestion and get a good dose Vitamin A. 

In the not too distant future I will change me evening hydrator to the rebalancing cream and introduce a b3 serum and the pure c powder.

In clinic

"On a weekly basis I am currently doing and Oxygenating peel followed by an alginate mask. This give the needed hydration back into my skin after such an intense peel. I originally started with the pomegranate peel with the expectation my skin is quite thin but after a couple of goes and no stingle we started to realise that the oil production has caused a thickness to my skin so it can take more than we first realised so we upped the peel to the chilli on the face - the Oxygenating enzyme peel.

As I am on retinol I will then be able to move on to Catalyst peel an then when I have the nerve I will double peel the Oxygenating and the Catalyst.The catalyst then gets to the deeper levels of the skin while the oxygenating clears out the surface.

I will also alternate the alginate mask with an LED session to hydrate and boost the collagen in my face and neck."

Skin tips: "I think that stress had a profound effect on the skin - it effects the way we feel, the way we eat and the way we take care of ourselves. My biggest tip is to listen to your body and your skin but also find a way to de -stress have a hobby and relax your entire body and in turn your skin will show the results" 



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