What the professionals use - Emily

November 16, 2017

What the professionals use - Emily

As trained professionals we like to show you all that we practice what we preach. Each one of our girls has a very different skin type and from looking at us over the spa reception desk you might think we are lucky to have the skin we have or we have youth on our side but no - keeping your skin looking fresh and clear is a very long very customised journey. Our girls have very different skin journeys and very different skin paths so we have decided to share our own skin lessons, any tips and tricks we have found and see who you can relate to? 

Emily is our first gorgeous girl. Being young she does luckily have that plump and vibrant skin we all dream of - however with youth also comes hormones. Not often but sometimes she can find herself with the odd breakout or congestion and sometimes feeling dull. She describes her skin as: Combination skin but her main concern is hyperpigmentation in specified areas especially around the mouth.

So the aim or her treatment is regulate skin health, increase cellular turn over and infuse tyronaise inhibitors to lighten the pigment.

To help combat these issues she has introduced a thorough skin home regime together with some in clinic treatments.

Morning ☀️

Gentle Antioxidant Cleanse, Tinted mineral Pro mixed with Pure C.


At home a double cleanse with Gentle Antioxidant Cleanser using the Skin Shammy to remove makeup.
Exfoliating Cleanser twice a week or when my skin needs it.
Potent Clearing Serum on the areas that I'm more congested then Comfort Cream as a hydrator.

Further down the track we would then introduce Potent Retinol Serum mixed with Comfort Cream starting at twice a week and slowly build up tolerance. For anyone starting out we advise the Age defying serum to introduce a good dose of vitamin A then slowly build up to retinol.

As an in clinic treatment plan

Week 1. Pumpkin peel and alginate mask

Week 2. Power peel - Pumpkin and Biowhite under the LED

Week 3. Power peel - Oxygenate peel  followed by Biowhite infused with vitamin C under the LED (green and yellow to target pigment and soothe) 

Week 4. After the introduction of retinol we can move on to Catalyst peel with Alpha Beta spot treatment on the pigment concern.

We are coming into week 2 of our in treatment plan so we will check back with Emily after week 4 to show developments and see how she feels the regime has changed her skin.

We leave you with Emily's skinfit tips: Find ways to de stress, it really takes its toll on the skin, drink lots of water throughout the day and never forget your spf!

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