October 26, 2017


Often we get overwhelmed by the amount of vitamins and all their benefits. They are in pill form, in liquid, in our face creams. As therapists we too have to work on remembering the benefits of each and prescribing the best option for each skin concern. The concept of vitamins in general comes hand in hand with an array of questions - What does each one do? Which do I really need? 

Lets break it down, here I am going to give you what I like to call a Vitaskin guide. The vitamins and their benefits specifically to the skin. These are the vitamins in the products that we tirelessly apply to our faces in the hope of looking twenty forever. But are you using the correct vitamins to suit your concern? Lets go A to Z....

Vitamin A - Also known as Retinol, it can help increase the appearance of firmness, diminish the look of fine lines and wrinkles, significantly improve uneven skin tone as well as smooth and refine the surface of skin. Apply at night-time, limit use to once or twice a week and gradually increase frequency as tolerated.

Vitamin B3 - Helps reduce the appearance of pigmentation, redness associated with rosacea and blotchy spots

Vitamin B5 - With powerful properties that lock in moisture, B5 is optimal for all skin types. To hydrate, use a light moisturising serum with Vitamin B5 - especially in the morning or under make-up, to make it last longer.

Vitamin C - Vitamin C is an incredible, multi-beneficial ingredient. It works to build collagen, even and brighten skin tone, improve texture and helps to combat the environmental damage that skin is exposed to on a daily basis.

Vitamin D – Through its powerful antioxidant properties, Vitamin D supports lackluster skin, vibrancy, spots and boosts elasticity with anti-inflammatory effects

Vitamin E - Essential for boosting hydration, it’s a vitamin essential for preventing free radical damage that leads to pigmentation and damaged elastin. It hydrates, prevents water loss, soothes and reduces inflammation so it is good for both sensitive and aging skins

Vitamin K - Has the ability to strengthen the walls of blood capillaries and is generally used in eye creams to reduce the appearance of dark circles, tighten and support. I favour applying eye products in the morning before your moisturisers

Omega - Omega acids have excellent moisturising properties and help reinforce the skins barrier function

Zinc - Zinc helps reduce skin inflammation and irritation whilst providing broad-spectrum sun protection that prevents burns and sun damage. It also improves wound healing and prevents bacterial infections as well as treating acne breakouts.

Luckily many products have various vitamins in them which makes a daily routine a whole lot easier! If you are confused, need a prescription, need vitaskin advice come and see our girls we will be happy to sit down and talk you through what would work for you.

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