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Trust your gut! with Lee Holmes

March 29, 2017

Trust your gut! with Lee Holmes


For those of you familiar with our instagram page you will have noticed a couple of weeks ago I had the pleasure of meeting Lee Holmes, a nutritionist, author and unknown to some a yoga instructor. We have had her book 'Gut health' gracing our retail table for a while now and I am personally in love with this book! Gut health has always been somewhat overlooked when it comes to all over health and check ups but it is an issue we should all be made aware of and the importance it holds in our everyday life.



I had been perusing this book we held for a good few weeks but it was only when I was informed of a very interesting fact over lunch one day that I went catapulting to our shelf and reaching for this book. Did you know Australia is in the top five for the world worst waste pollution, and yes I mean human waste, as in toilet waste! Our guts are in such bad condition from all the processed food and ill gut health that our waste has now become official pollution!




For some people the treatment of gut health is more crucial than for others. Some may be looking to gut health as a way to help the body start fighting back against illness. Some may be looking for a little extra health in their diet. We of course know the ‘naughty foods’ the things that we should not be putting into our bodies. All the processed foods we consume on a daily basis is not helping the our inner health but we also need to look outside of what we eat.


There are many factors other than diet that we need to be aware of that can effect our gut health. According to this gut changing book by Lee Holmes “Science now shows that a number of nutritional health effects are mediated by intestinal bacteria, and that diet and lifestyle are key in influencing the composition and activity of these bacteria. Likewise, the breakdown of the intestinal walls that leads to leaky gut has been linked to specific nutritional factors that are a major component of our modern western lifestyle”


Antibiotics – Being prescribed antibiotics has become a real quick fix for any issues within the body. While we can appreciate they kill off all the bad bacteria and help fight disease they also take with them a good percentage of any beneficial bacteria living in the system. So over use can have sever and damaging effects on the gut.

 Stress – The levels of stress you have in your body is crucial when it comes to gut health. Long term stress can “a range of negative effects, including a decrease in nutrient absorption, decreased oxygenation for the gut, four times less blood flow to your digestive organs and decreased metabolism”.

External toxins – It is not only things we put into our body that can cause upset and irritation but what we use on our body too. Skin, hair, body and even house – use products can carry high levels of toxic ingredients, so always read the label. It is often found that if you cant read the ingredient it is no good for you!


There are simple ways to start getting your gut health on track. We do not have to make drastic changes but gradual little adjustments will go a long way and you will reap the benefits.



First step is to heal your intestinal walls. Have a rest from all hard to digest and stodgy foods that cause irritation. Feed your body with smoothies, juices, soups, stocks and mashes.



Next detox your body – oil pulling, Epsom salt baths and dry brushing on a daily basis not only helps rid the skin of unwanted dirt and grime but helps the circulation of our blood.



Thirdly – Start a long term healthy diet, eat foods that promote good bacteria. Whole foods are a sure way to get you on track.



Finally detox your life – Learn to care for your self and your body above anything else. You only have this one body so use it wisely.



If you are interested in any of the above please pick up a copy of “Heal your gut” it will change your world.



All quotes taken from Lee Holmes “Heal your Gut”









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