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Transformation Tuesday - Kate Bugden

June 06, 2017

Transformation Tuesday - Kate Bugden

This most beautiful lady has been coming to us for almost 3 years yes everyone 3 YEARS doing her IPL skin rejuvination! She is walking proof that IPL works, looking only a fraction or her age! Kate uses the IPL not only on her face but her hands too! As we know all too well hands are an insight to age. So why not trick you hands into believing they are twenty years younger too! Kate was kind enough to let me document her full treatment so that I can give all our readers a chance to really go behind the scenes and know what is involved. 

We do have a separate blog post on how the treatment works and a more detailed description of the technology that you can go back and read here, but this is the treatment process so lets get started!

Firstly we need to ensure the face is thoroughly cleansed, anything on the skin can effect the penetration of the laser so we need it as clean as possible. Double cleanse is recommended as always!

Next we apply a thick layer of ultrasound laser gel to provide the correct surface in order to start the laser treatment.

Once that is applied we start the IPL process. For Kate this took less than half an our. It is a quick and painless process. Kate described it as a feeling of heat more than a sharp pain but very tolerable.


After the laser is complete we remove the all the remaining gel and wipe over the area.

We then proceeded to do the same process on the hands.

Kate then came to visit us the following day - she was beyond glowing. She claimed her skin felt firmer and could see herself the difference in the amount of wrinkles around the eyes especially.

If you feel like you might want to try IPL come and chat to one of our girls or even book in your treatment online!

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