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Transformation Tuesday - Hydration facial with Zoe

August 08, 2017

Transformation Tuesday - Hydration facial with Zoe

Hydration is an issue we are all coming across over the winter months. No matter what we seem to use at home our skin is just an onwards battle against the cold winter air. As hard as it is we must not neglect the hydration of our skin otherwise come the summer months we will have more battles than just dry skin to contend with.

We had the gorgeous Zoe in this week with this exact issue. In general great skin health but suffering from dehydration. So a signature spa facial was in order.

With the hydration facial it is not always about using fancy masks or a range of different serums but giving the skin a good clear out and replacing a lot of the natural oils that we have been loosing to the environment.

When you get overly dehydrated skin it can become quite rosy and irritated this gives a pinkier tone to the skin. It can often cause a bit of tightness and flaking which is never good for when you come to put on make up - am I right???

So the first thing after a double cleanse in to exfoliate and analyse.


Are you dry or are you dehydrated? To most this is the same thing, to a skin therapist these are worlds apart. Dehydrated skin is a lack of oil - you have an oily skin type but you are dehydrated. If you suffer from oily skin but finding you are irritated you are more than likely dehydrated so we need to get those essential oils back into the skin.

Using a night oil would do wonders - even switching up your cleanser in the winter months to an oil based cleanser would work.


After even one facial we can see the irritation on the skin go down. The oils will be balancing out and the rosy tone of the skin lessen. The superfood oils used will soak in for a good few hours and by the next morning you will see and feel a large difference in the skin. It is important to keep on top of skin hydration through regular facials especially in winter.

If you are confused about your skin or have other issues you want to work on come and see our girls.

I will leave you with a before and after of the beautiful Zoe. The differences may be subtle but worth it.





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