Transformation Tuesday - Dianne Lawless

April 04, 2017

Transformation Tuesday - Dianne Lawless

Here at Advanced Skin spa we pride ourselves on being able to customise facial to suit each individual. It is important to us that we really understand what you desire from your skin but also be able to see what your skin needs. Therefore helping your skin be the best it can possibly be. 

We had a visit from our very beautiful client Dianne whos main concern was the age lines concentrating especially on the lower half of the face, around her mouth and chin. We tailored an anti - wrinkle facial especially for her with some amazing results after just one session. 

To start with we cleansed the face - twice of course - it is important to get a good cleanse before starting any treatment. Then after a good exfoliate and tone she was ready to have her customisation.

With a wrinkle reducing peptide complex we targeted her specified areas. That was followed by Hyaluronic paste and worked into the areas of concern.

We then used a deluxe rejenerating mask to give the skin the hydration it needed. 

Here are the fantastic results:

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