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Transformation Tuesday - Back acne

September 26, 2017

Transformation Tuesday - Back acne

Skin is skin. No matter where we are getting impurities, no matter what area of the body we are looking to work on it is crucial we give every area the same care love and treatment as we would the face. Back acne for some reason is a bit of a taboo subject but I am here to assure you it doesn't have to be. We can help work on the quality of your skin just in time for summer.

As I mentioned before we don't see the body skin and different to the skin on our face. There are so many elements of facial skin care that we can translate to the body in order to care for the quality and appearance of the skin. 

Firstly we will use a cleanser that works in conjunction with the skin and its issues. For example an oil and acne prone back would require a clay based cleanser. Using a combination of heat and products we will work on the initial opening of the pores to remove the dirt. 



As with the face a scrub will help remove a lot of that superficial dead skin but in order to get the really deep cleanse we desire we continue to the microdermabrasion. Alot of people don't actually realise that the machine is designed with a different diamond head specifically for the body! This larger head will allow us to cover greater areas at the same quality we would the face. For a quick run down of the microdermabrasion in all its glory read our past post here.

Following a micro as with a facial we would do extractions, followed by serums and a mask.

The mask and balms or serums will allow that much needed hydration back into the skin and while it does why not indulge with a scalp massage!!!

After the mask removal you will be good to go - but bare in mind to get the best from your treatments we recommend regular visits. The real results come from consistency. 

If back acne id something you suffer from dont be ashamed get it sorted - contact us via phone or facebook even book online. Get ready for summer.

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