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Skin Files - Alicia Keys

July 04, 2017

Skin Files - Alicia Keys

For most celebrities, the thought of forgoing makeup on national TV, a magazine cover, or a red carpet would quite possibly be their biggest nightmare ever. But for  Alicia Keys that’s normal life these days. The R&B superstar has really embraced the #nomakeup movement, making everyone drool over just how amazingly pretty her bare face is. This is of course thanks to some great genetics but also an incredible skincare regime.

The primary way Alicia keeps her “I Woke Up Like This” glow is through regular use of a jade roller. What is a jade roller right?! A jade roller is a simple massager that can help to massage in essential vitamins and minerals into the skin. We know the importance of massage to get the blood pumping and to rid the body of toxins but it is no different for the face. The jade roller can be used simply at home but dont worry here in the spa we have the exact same concept just for you but on a higher level. We use the sonophoresis machine. This machine uses the ultra sound waves to help oils and serums penetrate to a deeper level of the skin but it also works to massage the face. The way the machine is used is so theraputic and gentle many find it one of our most soothing facials. As well as the infusion of the oils and serums this will also give you the massage that Alicia credits her bight skin to.

To read up more on the sonophoresis machine click here.

Oils are another big component of Keys’ routine. She is said to use not only an oil as opposed to a night moisturiser but also a cleansing oil!  Hydration is KEY to her regime so she is also often found sitting in a replenishing face mask. Oils and masks are a great way to get the nourishment your skin desires. To learn exactly why oil is a good choice for your skin click here.

The final touch to Keys refined skin is her use of self tanning anti ageing serum. Without the use of makeup is nice to have that desired tint and for Alicia Keys this comes in her serum. 

Honestly if these are the secrets to flawless #nomakeup skin sign me up right now!

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