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Train like a therapist

June 30, 2017

Train like a therapist

I am sure there are many jobs out there that, like beauty therapy require a large amount of stamina but also strength in arms and back. As always i have teamed up with our amazing trainer Mimi to bring you a new fitness regime. This time to train like a therapist!

The aim is to train the full body and to build strength for certain major muscle groups including the chest, back, shoulders and legs. While working these major muscle groups you will be using your secondary muscle groups as stabilisers - your triceps, biceps, forearms, hamstrings and quads. 

NOTE: The weight you pick before performing these exercises should make you feel like your last two reps are impossible to finish. This way you will know that you’ve chosen a weight that is challenging you on building strength 

Warm up on for 5 minutes on the elliptical cross trainer


1 - SEATED ROW – This targets the Lats, spine, biceps, forearms. (12 reps 3 times)



2 - CHEST PRESS - Targeting the chest, triceps and forearms (12 reps 3 times) 



3 -UPRIGHT ROW - Working the shoulders including rear deltoids, traps, forearms and core

4 -FRONT SQUAT - Targeting glutes, quads, hamstrings and upper back (12 reps 3 times) 


The Finisher - Cardio

20x Squat jumps

20x Walking lunges

10x Bench pushups

45 second Plank



(2 rounds with a 45 second rest after each round)

If any of you have a chance to try our workouts let us know what you think or even better send us some results we would love to see them. 


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