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The cure for tired eyes

July 12, 2017

The cure for tired eyes

Just like hands, eyes are the tell tale sign of life. They tell the world when you are tired, dehydrated, run down, but hey can also shout out when you are glowing. For me nothing frustrates me more than dark circles under the eye. I don’t exactly want the world to know I only slept three hours!!!! Even after layers of the best concealer and strategic use of highlighter, some dark bags just won’t disappear. As much as we love makeup, covering up the problem doesn’t exactly help to get rid of it. The under eye skin actually happens to be one of the most sensitive parts of the skin and we have to treat it as such.

To help you learn how to care for your under eye I have pulled together some tips and tricks!

Firstly care for the skin, treat it right and we might save on concealer. The skin around the eyes is thin and has much fewer oil glands than the rest of your skin, so it needs moisture and support. 

To nourish that delicate skin and get a head start on preventing fine lines and wrinkles, you should start wearing an eye cream in your late teens to anytime in your 20s. If you haven’t before then there is no time like the present. When perusing products, keep an eye out for ones that include glycerin and/or hyaluronic acid—these ingredients will impart a generous dose of moisture without making you greasy or more prone to breakouts. Vitamin C and A are the keys to boosting the eye. As we have learnt time before then Vitamin C is the ultimate collagen booster. This will work to plump the skin. We then introduce vitamin A to help refine the skin and work against those pesky wrinkles. So using any serum for the under eye that contains vitamin A and / or vitamin C is a great place to start.


Be gentle: Taking off eye makeup is a task and a half, especially if waterproof anything is involved. Though it’s easy to rub away at stubborn mascara, eyeliner, and eyeshadow, doing so can damage your skin and break off your precious lashes. Instead soak a cotton pad in makeup remover and place over the eye for 20 seconds then swipe. Much more gentle approach.


Try to avoid fragrance and alcohol: They can irritant and sting your skin, while the former can make allergies flare up. Stay away from both, especially if you have sensitive skin or eyes.


Smooth on SPF: Make sure your sun protection routine includes all of the skin around your eyes, including beneath your brows and above your cheeks. Every time you blink, your eyelids are exposed to the sun’s rays.


Slip on some shades: Oversized sunglasses aren’t just for hiding from the paparazzi; they’ll keep the skin around your eyes protected from harmful UV rays, and, in turn, wrinkling, crows feet, and skin cancer, too. Consider this your excuse to treat yourself to a stellar new pair of sunnies.


Finally a collagen boosting treatment is a great way to go for those who desire a bit more luxury and a pamper. A few minutes with a serum under a collagen mask will make all the difference. This is how the A-list get ready for their award so why not you. We even have some here in the spa. If you are a set to visit us here and a concern for you is under eye health then mention it to your therapist we will be happy to pop in a complimentary collagen eye mask.


Even these little tips and tricks will make vast improvements. If you had any questions or wanted serum guidance please give us a call or a visit we are happy to chat.


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