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Spray tan prep

July 10, 2017

Spray tan prep

So we are in the full swing of winter now - we are no longer headed to the beach or basking in the glorious sunshine and feeling all the pastier for it! I dont know about you but my tan seems to come from a bottle these days! But how can you make sure you get the most from your spray tan? How can you keep your sun kissed glow for the longest time possible??

Firstly wax or shave at least 24 hours in advance of getting your spray tan - this allows you to prevent removing any tan with your hair removal but also hair treatments can be harsh on the skin so we want it fully recovered before any tanning.

Next exfoliate the entire body - we want all the dry and dead skin removed from the body. The smooth texture is a must for a good even tan.

Apply moisturiser to any dry areas. DO NOT apply moisturiser to the whole body the day of tanning - this will prevent the tan from settling on the skin. Only apply a liberal amount of moisturiser to any dry areas eg elbows or knees.

Protect your hairline and eyebrows with a barrier cream ie vasaline - this again just stops the tan settling on the hair and in turn will not stain the hair.

Lastly in preparation wear loose fitted clothes. Tan can easily be rubbed of immediately after application, it needs that time to settle. So in order to make sure your colour stays in tact try to avoid tight clothing and water. Ladies we would advise against the bra post tan. Freedom until you dry!

Post tan care it is important to get the most from your tan. Your first shower should be lukewarm, not  too hot and avoid any shower products that leave residue. Moisture is key. Make sure you moisturise regularly with a non oil based lotion, moisturising straight after the shower. 

For once we are advising not to exercise - enjoy it!!!! Sweat can be the undoing of a good tan so take it easy on tan day! 

A good tan should last at least 10 days but to avoid any blotching as it wears off a light exfoliation is recommended! Every two to three days should be fine.

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