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Soul Food Series - Get moving

May 06, 2018

Soul Food Series - Get moving

From the beginning of this series I hope you have all have time to read and really find something that will help you de stress from everyday life to bring you back to yourself and your body. We have this one life and one boy we need to do the up most to care for not only our physical well being but also our mental state. Through yoga and meditation we have found ways to relax the mind, feng shui and aromatheraphy can soothe the aroma around us. Eating properly and reading will feed the body and soul but I am afraid to say we still need to get that blood pumping.

Exercise doesn't have to be a chore, we don't always have to hype ourselves up to a fitness class or a challenge. The more pressure we put on exercise if you are anything like me it just means you are that much more likely not to go. The trick to gentle fitness is to slip it into your day with minimal extra planning - work it around your day. Get the circulation going without even noticing.

I teamed up with our handy fitness coach Lisa here at Ettalong Diggers gym & swim to give you her top 5 easy fitness tips to get moving without too much strain or exhaustion.

Tip1 - Walk

Get yourself a $2 pedometer and try to reach 8,000 steps a day. Doing just a half hour walk will give you all the daily exercise to really get the blood moving. If you can leave the car and walk to the shops, take the kids for an extra bike ride. Doing just that small amount of exercise will make a difference.

Tip 2 - Squats

When you wake in the morning stand by your bed and do 10 squats. Engage the core tighten on the way up. Start your day fresh and pump the blood first thing it will change your whole energy for the morning.

Tip 3 - Push ups

Now we are not talking a 'drop and give me 20' situation so dont panic. While you are waiting for the kettle to boil simply place your arms shoulder width on the kitchen bench. Take a step back then push up against the counter top. Slowly and controlled, engage the muscles. If I did this every time i made a cup of english tea I would be soooo fit!!!

Tip 4 - Use the stairs

One handy tip is to simply use the stairs. If you go to the shops and find yourself pushing the elevator button take a step back - use the stairs. Get in that sly exercise anywhere you can.

Tip 5 - Spotify and dance

Gab your kids, grab your partner put the playlist on and have a dance. Dancing makes you happy, it makes the kids happy. Exercise shouldn't be hard or annoying - that is when you lose interest so make it something you love, something that will make you happy and what could be better than a happy child dancing?!

I hope you have all enjoyed my soul food series and you all use it to find peace in these otherwise hectic lives. Any questions you have I would love to help. Leave a comment send an email or pop in and see us.

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