Soul Food Series - Feng Shui

October 29, 2017

Soul Food Series - Feng Shui

I have always strayed away from the idea of feng shui - I once read a book in my early teens and for me it initially seemed like a very complicated concept. Once it started talking about colour charts and fire signs and if I am a water or a wood colour I happily closed the book and walked away. It has only been in recent months that I have really come across the concept again and realised maybe there are some hidden truths.

I can honestly say I needed feng shui for dummies. I had no idea how to cleanse my living space or even what a money corner was and I am not the only one. There are many that feel overwhelmed by the feng shui world (maybe they picked the same book as me!) so I thought why not start with some basics. Things that we can all implement in our space. Tips that work for everyone, with minimal effort you can test for yourself. See if you feel a shift, a connection between life and space. I mean what harm can it do right?


Eliminate clutter.

If you can get rid of even half the unnecessary stuff in your home and office, you'll feel lighter, and may even drop some weight and get rid of headaches in the process.

Keep your toilet lid down.

Why? It’s like inviting a sewer into your home. There's nothing inviting about an open toilet. A traditional feng shui perspective on this is that the toilet is a drain, and by leaving it open you allow good energy (and money) to literally drain out of your home.

Get two nightstands.

Nightstands aren't just to create “love” in your life. I don’t care if you want to live alone forever; two nightstands create a more supported and balanced bed for everyone. Look at a bed with one nightstand. It feels off-kilter. If you want to have — or do have — a relationship, two nightstands, if nothing else, signal that you want another person to feel more comfortable in your space as well. These nightstands do not need to match, and they don’t need to be traditional nightstands: chairs, stools, benches and card tables can work in this regard.

Try not to work with your back to a door.

Working with your back to a door puts you in a compromising position, even if you don’t realize it right now. If you reposition your desk and work facing a door, you may be surprised to feel how much more powerful that position is in space. If your desk is positioned so that your back has to be to a door, or if there is no way to change the desk position, put a mirror above your desk or a reflective surface on your desk that enables you to see the door in the reflection. In essence, no one can “sneak up on you” when you face a door or can see it.

Get plants.

Plants are nature, growth, creativity and even air purification all in one beautiful package! Get great plants that you can manage. You don’t have to overdose on this tip, but I will say that if you have lots of electronics, get one or two more plants than may seem logical but still look lush and wonderful, and you'll feel the difference.

Fix what's broken.

Broken things have no place in your home. Everyone I know would be upset about a broken car, but they have broken door handles, broken appliances and all sorts of broken architecture everywhere in their living environment. Your space is a mirror of you. Don’t let it stay broken! While fixing things in your home you may find it easier to confront and fix other lingering issues or problems in your life at the same time.

I would honestly love to know if any of you feng shui your home? how far did you go? did you notice any chances in your living space? was there a more relaxing atmosphere? leave a comment! Also if you want to delve further into the feng shui world let me know! I am slowly fascinated

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