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Skincare - travel edition

June 29, 2017

Skincare - travel edition

With all this cold weather I know we are all dreaming of vacations. Be it a small or a big getaway - we all need one. What we dont need is the hassle of taking the entire contents of our bathroom cabinet! Just because we love all our readers so much we have done the work for you. Wether you are headed to a coast breeze or a beach side beauty I have the essential skin care awareness you need to work with. You can find all you need in your cabinet already but be sure you are taking what your skin will need and ONLY what your skin will need - nobody needs excess weight at the airport!

If you are headed to the city the first thing we have to worry about is the extreme pollution. If you do not already come from a big city that will have a big impact of your skin so it is essential we take the correct products to reverse any smog damage. This means exfoliation is key.

Using a clay based cleanser in the evening will help lift a lot of that extra dirt and you will often find you need a double cleanse to really feel clean again. If you are going to be in the city for more than a few days make sure you take a decent exfoliator. Just cleansing will see you through for a couple of days but you want to do a deeper exfoliation two to three times a week. 

Finally you will need to replenish with a good dose of antioxidants again to work against any smog and pollution. A night oil is great for this - it will hydrate to the level you need but also give the skin all the different superfoods it needs to stay on track giving you that gorgeous glow and keeping you camera ready!

Our top picks if you so needed: 

Pulp, Skin Juice $46

Revival, Skin Juice $45

Superfood oil, Skin Juice $55


If you are from the city more than likely you will be headed for a change of pace at the beach. First and foremost is SPF of course. The higher the better keeping protected will not only prevent any skin cancer but also stop you ageing as quickly! Even in the evenings make sure you are protected still with a tinted moisturiser with and added spf. This is also a great trick to let your skin breathe without all the makeup and enjoy some much needed vitamin D. 

Using a foaming cleanser is a more gentle approach to the skin after a day in the sun we are bound to be more sensitive and so need to be gentle and hydrating when cleansing at night. Also adding a soothing serum into the mix before you head to bed will do wonders to ease any effect from the extreme sun. Keep hydrated at night with a soothing balm or a light weight moisturiser.

Our top picks for a beach get away: 

Gentle Cleanser, Priori $59 (currently 50% off in spa)


Sun Juice, Skin Juice $49

Soothing Serum, Hydropeptide $130

Green Balm, Skin Juice $29.50



Lastly we have the snow bunny! This is not surprisingly the most extreme in weather change when it comes to the skin. We not only have to work with the extreme cold but the reflective sun exposure. Starting your nightly cleanse with a milk based cleanser will be gentle but effective. Use a good balm or paw paw through the day on lips and even cheeks as protection also make sure you are using spf throughout the day.

Ending the day with a thicker moisturiser or a hydrating mask will do wonders for any windburn suffered from the slopes. The dramatic change in temperatures can also weaken capillaries so in order to prevent any broken capillaries especially around the nose use a cellular recovery serum under the hydration mask/ cream.

Our top picks for the snow goers:

Eden milk cleanser, Skin Juice $46

Green balm, Skin Juice $29.50


Sun Juice, Skin Juice $49


Vanilla + Honey Mask, Skin Juice $25


Cellular Recover Serum, Priori $139 (currently 50% off in spa)



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