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Skin Files: Sofia Vergara

May 22, 2017

Skin Files: Sofia Vergara

If you are anything like the ladies here at Advanced Skin Spa you love a good insight into the celebrity beauty world. Just how are they defying the ageing process and how are they always looking so glowing and fresh - but more importantly HOW DO I MAKE MY SKIN LIKE THAT??!

Well fear not we have been scrolling our sources and finding out just what the celebs are doing and just how we can do it for you. The only difference between them and you is the location! This is a series we like to call The Skin Files  Who, What and How!

Our first face of the stars is the stunning Sofia Vergara. There is no doubt she is blessed with goddess genes but there is a certain amount of maintenance needed to keep skin like hers at the top of its game. Sofia is known for having an Oxylight Facial. This was also the facial she had in preparation for her wedding!!!

The fundamental base of this facial is LED, diamond Microdermabrasion, Micro current and ultrasound. The idea is to leave you lifted, tightened and clarified after just one treatment. Here is the best part - we have almost all of this to recreate on you!

After a double cleanse, tone and exfoliate it is the diamond microdermabrasion. The exact treatment used on the stars is the one we have here on the Central Coast! The Diamond head microdermabrasion will give a deep cleanse and clear any dead skin and debris so that the following serums and treatments can have greater effect. You can read back on our blog about Microdermabrasion in depth.

Micro-current follows as there needs to be a clean oil free surface for the attachments to stimulate. We have recently acquired one of these machines and already have it in place for several treatments including out non surgical butt lift! Yes ladies post on that to come!!!!! This machine stimulates the muscles and works on boosting and toning so it will give a noticeable lift to the body.

To continue after this would be the ultrasound. This is otherwise known as Sonphoreisis. The ultrasound waves are used to penetrate serums and vitamins deep down into the skin. It is proven to be 500 times more effective than rubbing in manually. Sonophoresis is a well worth treatment in my book especially in winter time and to work on collagen boosting. Again an entire blog has been dedicated to Sonophoresis to check out!.


Finishing up would be the LED. This light therapy can be used for many different goals. The one Sofia used would have been an anti ageing programme which uses a red and yellow light to boost collagen. A guide to all the lights and their benifits is in the past LED blog post. 

This treatment is so easily adaptable and can be customised to suit any skin not just the a -listers. We can customise this whole process to your wants and needs - don't think that it is unattainable. Become your own star. 

Who do you admire, who do you want to know the secrets of? Let us know, leave a comment, even send an email we would love to do some digging on your behalf and teach you the tricks of the famous. 


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