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Product of the month - Berry Buff

April 21, 2017

Product of the month - Berry Buff

Winter is coming - I am sure we have all felt the change in weather on our skin. Just that little be drier, bit flakier than normal?! Well we have the perfect product of the month for this very issue. The Skin Juice Berry Buff.

This is another amazing product all the girls of the spa use purely because it smells just soooo good. This 'superfood smoothie' deeply exfoliates the body with concentrated fruit acids and crushed walnuts. For you regular spa visitors you will know we love our more natural products, they are just so luxurious but the skin benefits are incredible. This product in particular helps to polish away dead, dry skin cells and leaves the body bright and smooth.

Berry buff is a great product for pre hydration, so just before a good moisturise. The buff is rich with antioxidants from beetroot, maqui and goji berry giving it that gorgeous purple colouring. The antioxidants help to neutralise free radicals and maintain a healthier younger skin. 

With essential juices from lime, mandarin and peppermint also give a really refreshing feel to the skin.

At a very affordable $29.90 price tag there is plenty in the 200ml tub to keep you going. Get your body ready for winter with the berry buff.


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