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Paddy says...Home Care!

March 17, 2017

Paddy says...Home Care!

As skin therapists we can do our best to teach you and perform treatment to the highest standard but without good home care you will not achieve the best result you desire from your skin. We have just run our latest promotion for St Patricks day - for those who have not taken advantage of our offer find have a read, with a few days still to go it might just be up your alley! 

We have just run our latest promotion for St Patricks day - for those who have not taken advantage of our offer find have a read, with a few days still to go it might just be up your alley! The offer consisted of both Microdermabrasion and LED combination OR Microdermabrasion and Peel combination so as a follow up to the offers I thought I would guide you through our recommended homecare. 

Microdermabrasion + LED combination.

 Having done a Microdermabrasion the skin has had a really good exfoliate but we need to keep the minerals penetrating the skin and get the nutrients back into the face so the first recommendation is the Replenishing mask. With added antioxidants A, C and E this mask will help to hydrate, revitalise the skin and fight any environmental damage. Using on a semi – regular basis will really help to improve the natural barrier function. A mask such as the ‘Replenishing Masque’ from Priori used weekly will be beneficial to your skin health.

Having used the LED we are combatting a lot of aging and sun damage. The light therapy is often used to boost the collagen production and lift the face, therefore one of the best homecare options is an age defying serum. The age defying serum is designed to reduce the signs of aging and the appearance of fine lines and wrinkle. A particularly good ‘Age Defying Serum’ is by Elizabeth Arden Pro. The AHA retinoid conjugate in this serum is exclusive to this brand and has made it one of the most effective serums on the market. So if age defying is your concern a few pumps of this serum to the face and neck daily will change your world!




Microdermabrasion + Peel combination

 If you have opted for the peel combination I would assume you are looking for a deeper exfoliation and the reveal of the fresher more rejuvenated skin. Most people often think that between peel treatments there is not much that can be done in between spa visits, however they would be wrong. There a genius little invention by Elizabeth Arden Pro – The ‘Peel Pads’. These are individual peel wipes that used once every few days will really help to maintain the effects of a peel in between treatments. The combination of the glycolic and lactic acid will stimulate the collagen and elastin within the skin whilst giving a thorough exfoliate and plumping the skin all at once. They are a fantastic way to fight aged or acne prone skin.



Secondly after a peel we really need to work on repairing the lipid barrier of the skin. To fight any issues or even to help lock in needed hydration we all need a strong lipid barrier. The best way to achieve this is trough a great barrier repair cream. The ‘Barrier Repair Complex’ from Priori has an LCA complex (essential vitamin A, C, E) plus ceramides and fatty acids, all proven to improve the skin barrier function.




For either of the treatments we want to be protected from the sun. A tinted or moisturising SPF is a must! Skin Juice have an amazing tinted spf that I like to think of as a magic cream. When applied it conforms to the exact tone of your individual skin type perfectly. Yes magic! The second option is our solar defense from Hydropeptide. It smells like watermelon!!! Again a gorgeous yet super hydrating tinted spf. Giving a flawless coverage whilst containing anti-aging ingredients! Finally The Elizabeth Arden Pro ‘Triple Action Protector’. The three in one that we all sware by! Not only is it an SPF and a tint but it also has the DNA enzymes we need to nourish the skin on a deeper level. These enzymes help to support the natural repair system and reinforce the skins natural moisture barrier.



So there we have it skin lovers, our very own recommendations just for you. If you do have any questions at all please send them through to us we will be happy to reply and love to hear from you. Alternatively come and see us we are always happy to help.


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