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Masks Galore

July 20, 2017

Masks Galore

We are always doing our best here at Advanced Skin Spa to cater for every different skin type. A lot of good results can come from a mask specified for your skin. If it needs hydrating or a deeper exfoliation we have you covered. We will always adapt masks to what your skin is craving. Here is just a small look at just some of our amazingly beneficial and customised range but bare in mind we are always expanding who knows what we will be introducing next........

  • The Vitamin C infused alginate mask to help collagen boost and face plumping.


  • The man mask was customised with a clay based licorice mask to draw out oil in the t-zone with a honey mask to hydrate the rest of the face.


  • One of our most popular deluxe rejenerating masks for that tired older skin. Gives a fantastic result and that much needed hydration


  • Our hydrating alginate mask - teamed with superfood oil the skin quenches the thirst.


  • My favourite spirulina detox mask. Giving hydration where needed but extracting toxins. Perfect for those cleansing the body and soul!!!


  • The Collagen mask placed over customised serums will give a tingle and a boost. Ideal for a little pick me up or to prepare for a big event!


  • The sheet mask is a great serum infuser - using serums to combat issues such as pigment or rosecea. Even as a post peel soothing infuser, cant go wrong.


  • Pregnancy glow with natural mango and vanilla. There are always options for your skin.

We know skin! Trained and passionate therapists will help guide you through a skin transformation or even a well deserved pamper. 


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