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Home Care Habits

May 06, 2018

Home Care Habits

When you come for a clinical facial with us 9 times out of 10 you have a concern. This could be ageing, it could be pigment, acne, acne scaring there are so many concerns but the good news is they are treatable. We can use a vast array of modailites and products to help improve your skin. Each programme will be customised to where your concern lies, we will formulate a plan for both in and out of clinic but we cant fix all of your concerns without your help and commitment to the programme.

Time and time again we say that treatment is only 20% the other 80% is down to you and your home care. If we only see you twice a month that is 28 other days that you have to be responsible for your skin regime.

A lot of people can find it a bit overwhelming when there are so many products, especially in a spa when they are all beautifully laid out - there is so much variety it is hard to know where to start. I am here to break it down.

There are 3 products we always suggest to start that suits every type of skin and every concern. The gentle antioxidant cleanser to use daily, the mineral pro (with spf) for morning and evening and an exfoliating cleanser to use 2 - 3 times a week. To read more about these cleanser you can read our past post here.

Easy as that to get a good regime started. However the key is consistency. In order to get the good results you have to keep the routine going. Morning and evening.

Next we would add a hydrator and a serum to treat the concern. The home care needs to compliment the in clinic treatment. So we would introduce a serum that will amplify the effects from the clinic treatment. All tailored to you.

Finally a booster. An oil to give your skin the extra balance it needs.

When it comes to the actual routine you don't need hours on end in order to give your skin the care it needs. In fact you barely need even 5 minutes. We have made a little video just for you lovely clients to show just how quick and easy a skin care routine can be.

 To watch our lovely Mickey giving you a full home care run down head to our spangly new youtube channel.

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