Guide to O Cosmedic Peels

November 02, 2017

Guide to O Cosmedic Peels

When we claim to customise all our facials this is no lie - we have peels and masks for every concern you can imagine. Acne, aging, wrinkles, rosacea we have you covered. Pigment and congestion we got you too! To show you just how accommodating our peels are I thought why not give a mini run down of what we can do for you and what you can expect on the heat scale.

Thanks to the wonders of O Cosmedics we have a variety of enzyme peels that can cater from the very beginner to those peel professionals. If you wanted a more in depth look at why we chose enzymes read here.

Pomegranate peel

  • Entry level peel  or a first step in a double peel treatment.
  • All skin especially sensitive rough and dehydrated. Also good for congested, aging and inflammed skin.
  • Heat scale ** 
  • Mild tingling and mild peeling 3-4 days post treatment

Pumpkin peel

  • Entry level for all skin types. Promotes collagen and elastin. Evens out skin tone and pigmentation.
  • All skin types especially aging, pigment, congested, dehydrated, rough wrinkled.
  • Heat scale **
  • Mild tingling and mild peeling 3-4 days post treatment

Oxygenating peel

  • Immediately reduces wrinkle depth, smooths skin surface, improves hydration and promotes cell renewal. 
  • Perfect party prep peel
  • Good for aging skin, photodamaged, tired, lines/wrinkles, dull devitalized skin
  • Heat scale *****
  • Heat is immediate but settles after 2-3 mins. Mild - moderate peeling 3-4 days pot treatment

Catalyst Retinol peel

  • Anti - aging, improves cell renewal process, reduces lines/ wrinkles. Refines skin surface leaving instantly smoother.
  • Good for lines/wrinkles, photo damage, rosecea, acne, problematic skin, scarring, pigmentation
  • Heat scale *****
  • Heat is immediate. Mild peeling 3- 4 days post treatment, dryness may last 1-2 weeks

Alpha Beta Peel

  • Rejuvinates skin, reduces lines/wrinkles. Improves smoothness of skin.
  • Good for photo damaged skin. Acne/pimples, ingrown hairs, thick skin
  • Heat scale ****
  • Heat sensation gradual. Mild- heavy peeling may occur 3-4 days post treatment. Skin may appear slightly red for up to 2 weeks

Bio White peel

  • Anti - aging, brightening and lightneing.
  • Good for anti-aging, photodamage, melasma, pigmentation, sallow skin, age spots. 
  • Perfect for all skin types especially ones needing mega dose of vitamin C
  • Heat scale ****
  • Possibly a biting sensation, heat is immediate. Mild peeling may occur 3-4 days post treatment.

Who is willing to give them a go? Give our girls a call book in now!

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