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6 Reasons I Love Ginger Oil

July 18, 2017

6 Reasons I Love Ginger Oil

Most of you that know me will know that my family background is Filipino and I have been spending a bit of time in the Philippines lately due to my husband's job. 

In the Filipino food culture, ginger is prominently used so its something that has always been  a common shopping list item in my house. I've always known its good for you and people have recommended ginger lollies if you get car sick, but i never realised the many applications and benefits of this ancient spice until now.

 As you can see in the infographic i made you below, Ginger oil is also great for: 

  1. Pain relief 
  2. Fatigue 
  3. Digestion 
  4. Circulation 
  5. Menstrual Pain relief 
  6. Nausea 

Spending time here in the Philippines I came across a Ginger Essential Oil & carrier oil blend which was recommended for pain relief. I thought it could be useful for my permanently tense shoulders, which tend to get the brunt of carrying around a 2.5 year old around. 

I started using the blend on my shoulders and immediately felt the warmth it brought to the area and a feeling of being revitalised. I just knew i had to share this feeling with our Advanced Skin Spa clients. 

Additionally my husband recently obtained sports injury to his knee which he underwent rehabilitation for a number of weeks, during rehab he had to regularly ice the injury to bring down the swelling. Because we had the ginger oil laying around, after he iced his knee he would rub ginger oil into the area. After doing a bit of research we found the ginger oil was increasing blood flow to the area after it had been iced and it was shown to accelerate the healing process. An injury that was initially thought to be 6-8 weeks was only 3 weeks. I cannot credit the speedy recovery soley to the use of ginger oil however it was one component of recovery that we used. Diet, supplementation & turmeric played a huge role. 

At Advanced Skin Spa we have always used the power of Essential Oils in the Spa, during massage, spa services and the multiple aroma diffusers in the bathrooms, gym, reception and most treatment rooms. In a recent "software update" to our menu, we included the specific use of an Organic Ginger oil (ACO & USDA certified) blend to some of our Signature Services. 

Anyway that's the little back story about how I use and love Ginger oil so much, I really hope that you enjoy and can experience our Signature Spa Services.

With Love 

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