Foods to avoid for a flatter belly

June 25, 2017

Foods to avoid for a flatter belly

We see these tips time and time again and normally I would flick right on past but in the quest for my summer body it is time to sit down and take note.....Here are some handy tricks to get that dream body!

Now I have to firstly say I am not one to illuminate any food group. Everything in moderation but that is the key - Moderation.

If you do happen to be holding some extra pounds on the gut this tends to come from consuming more calories than you burn. They add fat to your whole body, which includes your belly. Likewise, avoiding specific foods won't flatten your belly specifically. They'll help you lose weight overall. In general, foods that are high in sugar or carbohydrates and foods that are hard to stop eating should be the first to be cut down when you want to lose weight.  

Sweets (lollies for the australians) and soda



Nothing but calories, and plenty of them. A simple can of soda holds 150 empty calories. For many people, drinking soda is an automatic part of lunch or dinner. By simply replacing this with water or even natural flavoured sparkling water, you can drop hundreds of calories per week from your diet.


Fast Food



We are all partial to a take away, now and again there is no harm but on a regular basis fast food is a killer to the waistline. A single fast-food meal often totals more than 2,000 calories, the recommended calorie intake for an entire day. Worse still, fast food is high in bad fats and low in nutrition.





I know - the last thing we hard working adults want to see on the list. Alcohol presents two problems. Like sweets, it has a high caloric content with little nutritional benefit. Also, drinking alcohol often leads to drinking more alcohol. A single night out drinking can mean taking in thousands of calories you would otherwise have done without. 





Although dairy is a good source of calcium, is also rich in carbohydrates and bad fats. It is better to get your calcium from leafy green vegetables and other low-calorie options. 


Corn Syrup



Technically not a food group but this is one key ingredient that sneaks its way into many of our foods. This common ingredient combines the problems of sweets and of refined grains. Fructose is a sugar, adding calorie content while bringing no nutritional value. Read more in depth about the harm of sugar. Worse, recent evidence shows that high fructose corn syrup interferes with your body's ability to realise it is full. This means you're not only eating fattening foods, but you'll likely to eat more of them than you normally would.


Finally the dreaded refined grains. 



Refined grains are pure carbohydrates, presenting your body with a sugar rush just like eating sweets. The calories from this rush are bad enough, but when the sugar high fades your body starts to feel hungry again. Eating whole and wild grains, which release their carbs more slowly. 

If you have any nutrition questions we are happy to help or leave us a comment. 


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