Five minute lunchtime fitness!

May 25, 2017

Five minute lunchtime fitness!

We all have that daily battle - will I get to the gym today? do I have time? what other day can I do? Well we have an answer to your conundrum. Work out at work! I have once again teamed up with our pro trainer Mimi to bring you the ultimate lunch time work out. This little plan uses objects around your office to help you get in that all essential work out. So if you cant make it to the gym don't hit the panic button just follow these tips and tricks. It will work all areas of the body and keeps that heart pumping.

1. Squats (3 sets of 15)

The way to that perfectly toned behind. The squat works the glutes, the quads, the hamstring and the core and is great for lower back strength. With legs shoulder width apart go to a seated position and squeeze in the way up. If it helps get a chair that way you can ensure you are squatting deep enough to feel the burn.




2. Kick backs. (3 sets of 15)

Whist standing at the desk start doing kick backs. Working the lower back, hips flex, glutes and core. Standing straight tense through one side and lift the leg, even try pulsing for more of a burn. For the advanced include a resistance band.




3. Push ups (3 sets of 15)

Use any surface you can find, place feet at a point that when you lean on the desk it is chest level. Push away from the surface slowly lower yourself back tensing all the chest and arm muscles. Push away slowly lower back and you will feel the burn across the chest and down the bicep. This is how you know you are working the muscle.




4. Dips (3 sets of 15)

Now you have worked the bicep it is time to work the tricep. Feet a good stride away from the bench, hands beside gripping the bench and slowly lower yourself to the floor. Push up and lower yourself again feel the exercise in the tricep. 




5. Russian twist (3 sets of 15)

This it the ultimate core work out. Place feet under a solid object such as the drawers seat yourself with knees bent. Twist from one side to the other keeping the core tight. If that is easy grab a weight. A litre bottle of water, a packet of sugar anything to hand will do. Twist and breathe.




There are no excuses office workers. 5 minutes a day get that heart rate up.


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