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Diary of a spa party

May 06, 2018

Diary of a spa party

Seen the gorgeous spa party advertised and wondered what really happens on a luxury girls day out at Advanced Skin Spa? Grab a cup of tea, indulge and join me in a dairy of a spa party.......

Pamper time started for us at 2pm, luckily the afternoon slot so get the kiddies occupied , grab the girls and off we go. Having the opportunity to use the outdoors pool on such a glorious day was a no brainer. The lovely ladies at the desk made us aware that we had the ability of pool access for one hour pre treatment. Pre treatment was recommended especially if you took the facial option but also gave us the time to relax and have a nice chat before we headed inside.

So we arrived at Advanced Skin Spa at 12.30, enjoyed a full hour by the pool having a nice catch up before we headed inside. So that treatments could start on time and it was recommended we we there half an hour before treatment. As we entered we were greeted by the most relaxing fragrance, a really great way to keep our relaxation mode going from the pool to the spa. We were taken through to the lounge area so be welcomed with a gorgeous platter of fresh fruit, cheese and crackers. There were beautiful tea lights scattered around the room, dimmed lighting and again that beautiful aromatic scent coming from a corner diffuser. I could have spent the entire time in the lounge!

Not only did we have the amazing setting, food, bubbles and even tea but we were then handed our crisp white robes. Now I really felt like I was on a pamper day from the movies. We all snuggled up with our robes, nibbled on some crackers and filled out our forms.

We chose the 75 minute package which meant we could each choose from a 75 minute facial or 75 minute massage. I personally chose the facial, so I filled in the appropriate section of the form about my skin care and concerns and just enjoyed my surroundings a little longer. 

When it came to the treatment the therapist explained we would go in two couples as there were 4 of us ladies. The first two would have their treatment while two enjoyed the lounge then as they returned the others would go. More than happy with this arrangement i don't think anything could have spoilt my mood that day!

When it can time for my treatment I was in heaven - The most beautiful smells come floating over me as I lay cozy on the bed. Each product seemed to smell better than the last. I was give a fruit enzyme peel - in brief it was a gentle peel that smelt divine and gave a thorough exfoliation without any of the nasty side effects like peeling. A slight tingle to the peel but nothing outrageous, I might have felt more if I wasnt in such a place of zen. The music gentle flowed in the background and more scents wafted over me as the therapist gently massaged my face shoulders and neck, I can tell you my neck needed it! I then had a rubber mask. This covered the entire of my face over my eyes and mouth but was so soothing and cool. I could feel my face getting more hydrated by the second. More massage ensued. When the mask was peeled off (In one piece!!) I felt so fresh like I had new skin it was just amazing. A few creams later and sadly I was done - it was my friends turn.

We did get to enjoy the lounge a while longer though, the girls kept topping up the bubbles as we just let all our worries float away. Once my friends returned we still had time in the lounge - there was no rushing we were all just so appreciative of our relax time. Finally it was time to return our robes and off we go, not that any of us wanted to. 

I would 10000000% recommend these spa parties. Get your girls together, have some you time.

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