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Detox like the Divas do!

March 05, 2017

Detox like the Divas do!

For those who are regular spa visitors or gym users I am sure you will heard a mention of the Infrared Sauna! I am 100% positive that if have heard of our infamous Sauna then you will have heard it followed with the fact that post exercise it can burn up to 600 extra calories! Yes yes - that fact was etched in my brain from day one! Well I thought after receiving a fair amount of questions and interest I would actually give you all a more in depth explanation of what the Infrared Sauna is and the benefits of even a single session.




We have had our Infrared Sauna here for aprox 2 years and I can say without any doubt it has been used every single day. I can completely understand why! Once you too understand and appreciate the Sauna there is no going back!

First and foremost a Sauna is designed to make you sweat and my goodness do you sweat! But sweat is the most crucial part of detoxification. With so many global elements such as technology, environmental pollution and toxins it is essential for our inner and mental health that we take time out and effectively detox. Having the Infrared rays helps the body release a number of toxins including heavy metals such as mercury and lead. Compared to Swedish Saunas, the Infrared allows you to eliminate seven times more toxins.

Next benefit and just as important is relaxation. The Infrared rays help to balance the levels of cortisol in your body, (the primary stress hormone). The heat additionally helps to relax the muscles and relieve tension therefore helping you to de-stress.

Am I winning you over yet?



Thirdly say it with me – WEIGHT LOSS – we all want to sweat off those wobbly bits with ease and this is a key addition to any weight-loss plan. Burning up to 400 calories in a session or 600 post exercise – yes please!!!

Skin purification! We all know that when we sweat we are getting rid of toxins, that is most true of the skin. The sweat eliminates toxins from the pores of the skin and improves circulation therefore resulting in clearer and softer skin.

Finally, pain relief! If you suffer from muscle pain or joint pain I highly recommend a session. The heat not only relaxes the muscle but improves the circulation and relieving inflammation.




If you have not yet given our Sauna a go, what are you waiting for? It is well worth a try. The refreshing feeling post Sauna is out of this world!

Sessions run up to 45 minutes but for beginners step in and see how you go, the more you sweat the better you feel.

For those of you interested we have an amazing offer with a Session Pass which means a single Sauna Session for upto 45 minutes comes down to $15 - That right $15! or you can really get the best from your Spa Treatment and upgrade with a Session for $25!

Book your slot by calling us. Or pop by and see one of our beautiful Spa Girls who will be more than happy to help you out.

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