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Booty Boost (Part 1)

April 09, 2017

Booty Boost (Part 1)

Is it just me or does every other woman out there spend a good 15 minutes in the mirror wishing their bottom was just that few inches higher? I am not talking a Kardashian type of behind but just a little less close to the ground. Anyone? - I know I am not alone! 

Well even though it is winter and we want to sit on that booty it is not how we get a peach! I have teamed up one of our Ettalong Gym & Swim trainers to give you not only a few easy moves to get that booty perking but I have a few beauty hacks that you never would have thought of. 

Part one of this booty boost is the beauty. Yes I am serious look after that bottom - make it one you are proud of! Remember summer is not far away

Booty beauty 101 

We never tend to care too much about the skin on our booty, a quick bit of soap and a rinse and not a second thought but with all the effort we are putting into firming it with exercise we also need to care for the skin.

My first tip is to dry brush, this gets the circulation going and gets rid of any unwanted dead skin. The booty skin may be tougher but it is still put through the paces. So a dry brush every few days will help the surface layer debris and bring through fresher softer, healthier skin.  

Exfoliation is also paramount in getting to that healthy skin, however instead of a harsh daily shower scrub we suggest the berry buff twice a week. 

Cleanse - now I know you all think by this point I am crazy but stay with me! The skin all over the body needs to be nurtured why neglect the booty? Something like the Drench oil will do wonders. This is ideally used in the evenings before a good moisturise. The nutrient rich oil will not only cleanse but hydrate - something the most loved bottom is even screaming out for.



On the flip side some people if they want to talk about it or not get a bit of a spotty behind. There is no shame, due to sweat and the daily grind everyone can suffer from a bit of bum acne. For this we have Pulp - the tiny bamboo beads will lift and remove congestion while the clay refines any oils. A daily drench or pulp is the question?!

For moisture we look no further than Super fruit. Smells divine, has anti - ageing properties as well as fatty acid rich butters. Apply daily but ensure it soaks in - so fresh from a shower maybe brush your hair while it soaks in. Your bottom will love you for it!



In addition to cleansing and nourishing we do have to think about what utensils we are using. We dont want to be washing private and confidential areas with the same sponge we use on the rest of the body. Pick up a special spud sponge designed to be the softest touch. These konjac sponges come in a normal style or a charcoal based one for those suffering from a bottom break out.

Dont neglect the behind ladies. If you have questions please give us a message or pop in and talk bum care - anytime!


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