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Top 5 skin myths #busted

May 06, 2018

Top 5 skin myths #busted

Often we are lead to believe what we see in the magazines and read online is nothing but truth but sometimes we just need those trained professionals to reassure us, is this real or is this a myth busted.

Make-up causes breakouts and acne

Foundation especially seems to get a bad rep when it comes to acne but we really need to look at the bigger picture. It is not one product in particular cause in breakouts it is the skin care, hygiene and blocked pores that come along with the love of make up that we really need to examine.

Using makeup on a regular basis does in effect clog the pores. It prevents the skin from breathing. Many makeup brands use silicone-based products in an attempt to stop makeup slipping but this is honestly like plastic on the face. It clogs the pores, stops natural oils from escaping and letting air in.

Making sure you remove all makeup before you go to bed is essential to clear out your pores. DOUBLE cleanse – when wearing heavy makeup the initial cleanse will only remove the makeup it wont clear out the skin, so double cleanse before your sleep.

Old beauty products that have been exposed to light, air and bacteria and unclean make-up brushes have the potential to unleash a host of skincare problems. Even though you should only be using your brushes on yourself you should still be washing them at least once a week, as these are the ultimate breeding ground for bacteria.


Moisturisers and serums do the same job

Moisturisers and serums might both promise to keep skin well hydrated but that doesn’t mean you can switch out your moisturiser for a serum. We often hear the words ‘hydrating’ when it comes to a serum so it sounds like a moisturiser but we need to use moisturiser over any type of serum to seal the skin’s moisture barrier.

Your serum is not your moisturiser! Serums penetrate deep into the dermis layer to repair skin cells and work from the bottom up. Your moisturiser, on the other hand, seals the moisture barrier on the surface of the skin to work from the top down where it meets with the serum.

So #busted you should be using both


You should choose skin care based on your age


Many products on the market claim to be designed for a specific age group but age is NOT a skin type.

What’s true is that someone who is 50 can have the same skin concerns and skin type as someone in their 30s. Oily skin and clogged pores don’t just automatically go away when you turn 50 and dry, dull-looking skin can be a problem in your 20s.

Regardless of your age, fighting visible signs of aging should start as early as possible. The ingredients it takes to do that are the same for everyone, and you can’t start too soon.

This is a main reason we decided to work with the O Cosmedic brand. No matter what the issue we are targeting, no matter what the skin type all products contain the core 4 anti aging essential ingredients.

Never use oily products on oily skin

Skin is a sensory organ that responds to messages from within. So if oil’s been stripped at the surface in an effort to keep it looking shine-free, it will actually produce more sebum from beneath to compensate.

If you use a scrub on your skin too often this is exactly what will happen. It will remove the dirt and excess but also strip essential oils that we need to balance the skin.

In fact using oily products will help to balance the oil production so oily skin types SHOULD be using oily products.

You will eventually outgrow acne

Going from teen to adult doesn’t automatically mean problematic skin goes away. Adult acne can be caused by multiple factors, including hormonal imbalance. Yes teen years are more likely to bring about acne due to the change in hormone levels but as time goes on it is important to look into other factors such as skin care, lifestyle and hydration to combat acne. As we grow older some lucky ones find that acne calms due to the hormone balance but it is not a given. Sorry folks!

There we have our top 5 skin myths busted – if you have more questions or want to tests more myths please leave a comment we love feedback!


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