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SKIN 101

April 13, 2018

SKIN 101

So, first of all, ask yourself - what do you think the skin's role in the body is? 

The Skin or the Integumentary System is a dense fibrous, protective barrier between our internal environment and the external environments.
The skin is a structural masterpiece, consisting of dense, microscopic layering to provide you with the ultimate protection from damaging factors. These are external stimuli such as - pain, pressure, temperature and heat along with pollutants such as free radicals, air conditioning, fluorescent lighting, alcohols, perfumes, parabens, chemicals, microbes of bacteria and other irritants.

So a little bit of background education; the structure of the skin is categorised into three subsections; Epidermis, Dermis and Hyperdermis. These layers all hold a very detailed and specific role within maintaining homeostasis (or balance) within the skin, and are consistently at work in protecting our body - however, I will not bore you with this.
I want to educate you on what basic skin care plan is - both home-based and clinic based.

As a general rule - clients should receive thorough consultation and examination before anything. Skin health and primary health history are IMPERATIVE to skin care. You probably think why? Well only because every single system in your body works cohesively with the next corresponding system. Yes, that saying about you are what you eat is accurate - gut health, especially in conjunction with skin, impacts MANY skin conditions, as well as stress, hormones, supplements or medications, lifestyle, smokers, high caffeinated drinks and alcohol.
Your health is a reflection of your skin, yes, but that does not just because you eat clean, that your skin is going to be clean.

A skin routine does not have to be tedious and require an abundance of product to be successful. Nine times out of 10, my clients will start a basic 3-Step routine, morning and evening before professional treatments commence, and this is to regulate blood and oxygen flow, as well as sebum production, hydration levels and bacteria content within the skin. Optimal skin health is essential once the decision towards investing in clinical procedures and a skin journey has begun. Otherwise, I mean please let me know the exact result you expect to achieve?

Skin care is not a quick fix, just like weight loss or a wellness journey, it requires time, education, routine and consistency to provide you with a result you can be proud to wear with confidence, every day.

What I recommend is finding yourself a therapist you can trust. The best way to analyse this if you already have a therapist is:

- Product ranges and routines - I always tell my clients, there's no quick fix for healthy skin. There are hundreds of products swearing to be the best. 

Everyone remembers ProActive? Yeh? Primarily that was Benzyl Peroxide and Ethonyl, so yes, in some cases active acne may be cleared due to the stripping of the skin, but the condition hasn't been treated; therefore, it will return. Education is critical - and what will help to maintain the result. 

  • What are your main concerns?
  • Have they been achieved?
  • If no, has your skin altered at all since starting your journey? 
  • Has your therapist re-analysed the skin?
  • Have your products been adjusted according to your skin concerns?

My primary focus is skin health. No treatment will have a positive outcome without a consistent home care routine and an educated client. My job is to give you the tools to cleanse efficiently, infuse, treat, hydrate, heal, repair and protect the skin. Your role is to follow your routine, use your recommended O Cosmedics Products, Omega 3's, Zinc and SPF; followed by a consistent professional treatment plan that will target what you want to achieve.

80% of results are achieved at home - 20% clinical in-house treatments.

Invest in your skin. It represents you, now and until the end. Nourish it, protect it and most of all, LOVE IT.
There is nothing more beautiful than being confident in your own skin, and I want nothing more than to get you there.

Love always,
Your Skinaholic

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